Air Travel
22 Aralık 2010 Çarşamba 12:55   Fatih Can Aba
Air travel - Vocabulary AT THE AIRPORT PUT THE FOLLOWING WORDS IN THE CORRECT PLACE. Departure lounge/immigration office/check-in desk/departure gate/security guard/duty freeBoard/departures board/hand luggage/check/excess baggage/check in/taxi/passengers/ announcement/runway/trolley/security check/conveyor belt/on board/take off When travelling by air you have to get to the airport early in order to _________ about an hour before your flight. If you have a lot of luggage you, you can put it on a __________ and push it to the ______________ where someone will _____ your ticket and weigh your luggage. If you have ________________ it can be expensive. Your heavy luggage is put on a ___________ and carried away. A light bag is classed as ____________ and you can take it with you on to the plane. An ___________ looks at your passport and a _____________ checks your hand luggage before you go into the _______________ to wait till your flight is called. If you want to, you can buy some cheap _________ goods here. Then you see on the ________________ or you hear an _______________ that you must _________ your plane. You go through ____________, then there is sometimes a _______________ before you actually enter the plane. When all the ______________ are __________, and when the captain and his crew are ready in the cockpit, the plane begins to ______ to the end of the __________. Finally, permission is received from the control tower and the plane moves faster and faster in order to ___________ IN THE AIR PUT THE WORDS IN THE CORRECT PLACE Headphones/seat belts/aisle/land/turbulencecabin crew/airliner Flying is fun. I like being in a big __________ with the___________ (air-hostesses) looking after me. They walk up and down the ________ bringing meals and drinks, and if the flight is going through some kind of ____________ they warn everybody that it might be a bit bumpy and ask us to fasten our _____________. On a long flight I like listening to music through the ______________ available to all passengers, watch a film, read some magazines or a book and sometimes I have a sleep.I enjoy it all so much that I never want the plane to ____________ .It’s a great feeling. PREPOSITIONS FILL THE GAPS WITH THESE WORDS THROUGH/AT/TO/OFF/IN/ON/FOR/BY 1-We decided to go ____ plane. 2-When do we take ____? 3-First you must go _________ customs    and   immigration. 4-You’d better ask _____ the information    desk. 5-His friend went ____ the airport with    him to see him ____. 6-You must check _____ at 11.30. 7-Put your luggage ____ a trolley. 8-He looked ____ my passport. 9-I saw your sister ____ the plane. 10-You must turn _____ your mobile phone AT THE AIRPORT: 1-check-in -2-trolley, 3-check in desk, 4-check, 5-excess baggage,6-conveyor belt, 7-hand luggage, 8-immigration officer, 9-security guard, 10-departure lounge, 11-duty free, 12-departures board, 13-announcement, 14-board, 15-departure gate, 16-security desk, 17-passengers-18-on board,19-taxi ,20-runway, 21-take off.IN THE AIR:1-airliner,2-cabin crew,3-aisle,4-turbulence,5-seat belts,6-headphones,7-landPREPOSITIONS:1-by,2-off,3-through,4-at,5-to – off,6-in,7-on,8-at,9-on,10-off - on

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